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Schwartz Pro is an in-depth news and analysis service informing policymakers, investors and business leaders on how policy and people are shaping the market. Starting with online titles Australian Energy Daily, Australian Banking Daily and Australian Health Daily, Schwartz Pro is committed to factual news analysis, rejecting outside influence, commentary and opinion. Designed for policy professionals, the Pro service includes a suite of tools designed to save you time, and deliver information you can act on.

Australian Energy Daily

Australian Energy Daily brings together quality original journalism with a suite of online tools for business leaders and policymakers in the energy sector. We’re not here to take sides, simply to cut through the noise, and help you make sense of the emerging policy and market trends you have to be across.

Australian Banking Daily

Australian Banking Daily is focused on policy as it relates to retail banking, finance, wealth management and superannuation. Our specialist journalists and researchers track the financial services sector closely, pulling policy apart and connecting you with information and tools to save you time.

Australian Health Daily

Australian Health Daily brings together everything you need to know about health policy, health insurance, the pharmaceutical and aged care sectors, mental health and disability services and the hospital system. Our specialist editorial team helps you understand the state and federal policy landscapes, connect with the parliamentary process and ensure important events and milestones aren’t missed.


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Editor, Australian Energy Daily
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Lead Researcher
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Policy Reporter, Australian Banking Daily
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Policy Reporter, Australian Health Daily
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